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The village … has always been considered a good business point, and has been favored with many very substantial men, a number of whom are still there.

Among the more important business men may be mentioned the names of J. W. Westcott, David Strain and George Lappin, dry goods merchants; Thornes Pinty, general merchandise, and one of the wealthist men in the county; D. M. Maxey also deals in general merchandise and drugs; J. R. Gauger, druggist; T. O. Peirce, Joseph Tully (who is also the Postmaster), M. Symonds and Robert Flemin are also leading merchants, besides several others of minor importance, as well as two boot and shoe stores, which are among the solid enterprises of the town.

Besides the business already referred to, the village supports a machine shop, a wagon and carriage manufactory … and first-class marble works.  

Extracted from History of Wayne and Clay Counties, Illinois 1884

Early Stores

T.O. Peirce’s store

By Marsha Dewsbury Apr. 10, 2012 Flora, Ill.  

A new business has opened on Front Street in Xenia.

Wespayco held their grand opening on Saturday, March 24.

The owners say that the store offers a variety of items, new, used and antique at very reasonable prices.

This business is a venture between two couples, Winford and Dawn West and Randy and Donna Payne.

They have divided the store into booths which are rented to vendors for $45.00 or $55.00 a month.

Wespayco also collects a 10% commission on all sales.

Wespayco is open Monday through Saturday.

 Wespayco, Front Street

Photograph courtesy of and copyright of Marsha Dewsbury, Advocate Press

A view inside Wespayco

Article courtesy of and copyright of The Clay County Advocate Apr 10, 2012