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In 1830, the first schoolhouse was built. It was made of round logs, having a puncheon floor, and old-fashioned "stick in the mud" chimney, and, to afford a little light, a portion of a log was cut away and the opening covered with a greased paper. This house stood in the timber in Section 21.

Rev. Whiteley was the first teacher, and taught one term. He was well qualified for the responsibilities of a pioneer teacher, and conducted school with marked ability. This school was supported by the families throughout a radius of four miles, some attending even farther remote than that, among whom were the children of Thomas Elliott, who then lived in the house now occupied by John A. Gerhart, near Flora. Isaac Elliott and Levi Onstott attended the same school.

In 1834, another schoolhouse was erected, located in Section 3, on land now occupied by the village of Xenia. George Baity taught the first school in this house, and proved a very good teacher, but was succeeded by some of questionable ability.

The township now supports four public schools, employing seven teachers.

Extracted from History of Wayne and Clay Counties, Illinois 1884

Early Schools

 Xenia Grade School, 601 Church Street [1961 - 2015]

Sadly there are no longer any schools in Xenia. The nearest schools are in Flora.

The former school building is now home to the Xenia Community Center

 The former Xenia Grade / High School [1909 - 1960]

Other Schools

Vickery School was south-west of Xenia.

The High School occupied the upper floor and the Grade School the ground floor. The last High School graduating class was 1949.

The building replaced an earlier school building on the same site.

W . G . Filson, a member of 76 , is principal of schools at Xenia , Illinois - Daily Illini, Jan 19, 1881