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 News - 1921

 Death from diptheria

The one case of diptheria at Xenia resulted seriously. Evelyn Akes daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Wm. Akes, died on Thursday, nine days after the first attack. The heart became weak and the relapse was too great, Funeral service was indeed a sad one, owing to conditions which must be imposed in such conditions. No one was permitted to enter the home. Mother and father and one aunt were the only grown people in the home except Dr. Bryan who attended the case. A public funeral was impossible, but Rev. Foutz made a short talk at the gate after the casket had been removed to the yard, where a few friends gathered, which was very impressive and consoling. This and two songs by the male quartett, served as a funeral service under such quarantined conditions. The family feels very thankful to the friends and neighbors for their many tokens of sympathy in so sad a time. The child was 12 years of age.

Extracted from the Flora Journal-Record - February 17, 1921

Evelyn Bernice Akes was born on August 27, 1908 and died February 9, 1921 at her home in Xenia. She was the daughter of William Oscar Akes (1885-1971) and Grace Belle Akes nee Brown (1890-?). Evelyn had two younder sisters, Flossie and Pauline.

William Oscar Akes was the brother of Albert Otis "Bert" Akes (1880-1962).