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 Lodges, Societies etc.

Rebekah Lodge of Xenia celebrated the 68th anniversary of that institution on Monday night of this week. A good attendance was present and a fine program was rendered and some delicious refreshments were served.

Extracted from The Southern Illinois Record - February 10, 1919

 1919 - 68th anniversary

John Mears is now elligible to join the “Green Corn lodge.” He felled, worked up and burned the brush of a walnut tree that stood before his father-inlaw’s gate, last Friday.

Extracted from The Southern Illinois Journal - September 20, 1907

 1907 - John Mears eligible to join

What has become of our Farmer’s Street Carnival? The “Green Corn lodge” seems to have knocked it into smithereens.

Extracted from The Southern Illinois Journal - September 20, 1907

 Rebekah Lodge

 Green Corn Lodge

 1907 - Farmer’s Street Carnival in smithereens?

 Ben Hur Lodge

 1907 - preliminary organization held

Charley Adams held a preliminary organization for a lodge of Ben Hur, Monday night. The meeting was held in the town hall. Twenty-nine were present to take the obligation and secret work. They will meet again in two weeks and expect to have the Flora staff of that order to come over and exemplify the work. Mrs. J. S. Anderson was chosen Chief and A. R. Basden, scribe. The writer and Rev. C. J. Presley could not let a good thing come into town without “jinin” so were there. Bro. Adams is a good solicitor and has succeeded where there seemed to be small hopes for an organization.

Extracted from The Southern Illinois Journal - September 20, 1907