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 Fire Department

Edward “Butch” Akes joined the Xenia Volunteer Department in 1964.  At the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on Wednesday May 2, 2012 he submitted his resignation/retirement after 48 years of service.

The attending firemen and the audience gave him a standing ovation and many warm wishes were extended.

Not only had Butch served faithfully, honorably and bravely to protect the residents of the Xenia Fire Protection Service District, he had also taken it upon himself to maintain the housekeeping of the Fire House after each rental event. In this way the rent paid by the renters could go directly to the Volunteer Firemen with no deduction for custodian service.

Xenia Fire Department Board honors Edward “Butch” Akes

Butch Akes is congratulated by Trustee Darrell Akes on his retirement after 48 years dedicated and honorable service to the fire Protection District, while Trustees Henson and Edgington look on.

Article and photograph courtesy of and copyright of The Clay County Advocate May 15, 2012

 Xenia Volunteer Fire Department

 Fire at T-Bone’s Stand - July 2012

Photograph below courtesy of and copyright of Alex Haglund, Advocate Press

A ladder truck soaked the roof of the building where Xenia’s T-Bones Stand’s kitchen caught fire Tuesday afternoon.

Article courtesy of and copyright of The Clay County Advocate Jul 27, 2012

By Alex Haglund Jul. 27, 2012  Flora, Ill.  

It’s been a hot couple of days for area firefighters, and that’s not even considering the weather.

Tuesday afternoon, Xenia Firefighters responded to a call at T-Bones Stand on Front Street to find the restaurant’s kitchen filled with flames and growing. As they fought the fire, they contacted the Flora Fire Department who responded at the scene as well.

The firefighters were able to keep the blaze contained, limiting damage to the structure outside of the kitchen.

It’s of note that both the Xenia and Flora Fire Department’s are entirely volunteer-based. Both groups spent volunteered to spend their time going near to large fires on days when the temperatures were already over 100 degrees.


108 North Street, Xenia



Former premises

Photograph below courtesy of and copyright of Bruce Wicks

The former Fire Department premises on Front St

Photo taken December 1983